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Stoneware, Raku, Pit, and Saggar Fired Pottery

Naked Raku

A variation of regular raku firing where a slip is applied before glaze is applied to prevent the glaze from sticking to the pot. After cooling in a reduction can where smoke penetrates cracks in the glaze the glaze “pops” off leaving a satin finish. 

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These pieces are created using a stoneware clay from STARworks Ceramics ( and fired to Cone 10 (2345F)

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A firing technique that involves placing each piece in a protective chamber (saggar) where chemicals and other organic material can interact with the pot to produce random effects.

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Pit Fire

The oldest known method for the firing of pottery.  Pots are placed in a “pit” and are surrounded with combustible materials such as wood, shavings, manure, leaves, and sometimes metal oxides and salts to affect the surface of the pots. 

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“People say ‘Why do you make pots?’ Because I’m compelled to – life isn’t right without it”

David Roberts – Potter, UK

Interested in learning how to work with clay? I offer ongoing classes at Annmarie Gardens and through CSM. Interested in a workshop?  I offer made to order workshops at my studio or yours

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